The New York State Cannabis Association of Minority
 and Women Professionals commemorate not only the beginning of a new chapter in New York State with the passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, but a commitment to people of color & women. 

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The mission of the New York State Cannabis Association of Minority and Women Professionals (NYSCAMWP) is to educate, advocate and ensure members who have been historically and disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs, are afforded with the opportunities, access, and financial resources to become successful entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry.

Our core function is to ensure that our Social Equity members are provided with access and resources to successfully operate any seed to sale business throughout New York State. Every member and partner of our association is essential to our success, and we stand prepared to boldly face the challenges involved in the industry. We will actively promote social and economic equity opportunities for racial, ethnic and gender diversity in the cannabis industry. We are devoted to hold accountable State, County and City elected officials to their promises for a Social Equity plan in New York State. 

It will be difficult to recognize progress, when faced with so many challenges, which includes regulations, law enforcement agencies, lack of education/information and access to financial resources, to be able to navigate this industry. The NYSCAMWP will work in partnership with NYS Cannibis Control Board, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), Investors and Cannabis Companies, and other interested groups to promote and foster Incubator programs, leverage financial resources, trainings, while conducting itself as an ombudsman for our community and members. 

The formation of NYSCAMWP this summer has filled us with pride and hope. We see the power of action and strive to deliver more for our members in the future. We have amplified our campaign to impact the community and create a network of leaders across the New York State, and we are inspiring a new generation of legacy members and communities of color to participate in the cannabis industry. 


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